Clown fish has a name for a reason!
Some fish have funny ways to show their affection and generally they are pretty weird. Why? They change their gender. Wake up one day and you are SLIGHTLY different. Hope it’s of no surprise to them as it comes naturally to keep the right proportion of males and females in a school. Clown fish is one of those creatures. All young clownfish are males and later they become females. We doubt that they celebrate it in any shape or form but who knows? Clown fish has a name for a reason! Party-party! And wake up with a different gender….  ..
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Fantastic party outfit!
Birds like no other kind of creatures know how to be festive. A Wading bird called ruff (a piper) lives in Northern Eurasia. It has a very elaborate collar, which is individual to each bird. Birds use it to attract females. The name “ruff”  has direct connotation to flamboyant large collar, which was fashionable in Europe in the Middle Ages. Fantastic party outfit! Shame it can’t be changed as they are born with it but it is what it is. If a female bird doesn’t like it: that’s it. No second set of collars and no second chance. And what if THAT kind of collar goes out of fashion? Tough luc..
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Ten prejudges about Life
People always dream to fly like birds, to swim like dolphins, to see at night like owls… As our bodies are not “designed” for this,  we use tools and machines - airplanes,  submarines, night-vision devices. With such tools we can go to places where humans are not supposed to feel comfortable  or survive at all - outer space, deep sea, micro world.  We fantasise about seeing invisible, hearing what we cannot hear, go to places where humans never been, to be capable of doing something incredible, what humans have never done before.  All science fiction books are about th..
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Challenge 2 : Comment s'adapter sans changer ? Pourquoi les feuilles d’un sorbier, certains parasites du tube digestif et... les dents sont-ils semblables ? Parce qu’ils ont une réponse inventive semblable à un défi semblable : la SEGMENTATION. La segmentation améliore la flexibilité, l’adaptabilité et la fiabilité d’un système. La segmentation implique d'affaiblir les liens entre les éléments - en changeant les paramètres des liens entre les éléments - de diviser un système en parties indépendantes ou de rendre un système démontable. C'est aussi décomposer un processus con..
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Castle for the loved one
There is an exotic bird called Hornbill. It lives all over Asia, Africa and Malenesia. It has a funny-shaped beak and a behaviour, which goes with its looks. Funny kind of behaviour. It lays eggs in cavities and crevices of rocks. Then the bird seals it with whatever it can find: mud, fruit mass and… their own poo. It is a strange bouquet that looks and smells slightly iffy no doubt. What’s bizarre is that the female stays inside white it sits on the eggs. There is a tiny hole left in this improvised wall through which the male feeds his female and later the hatched chicks. It gives the female..
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CHALLENGE 3 : Comment lutter contre la gravité ? Voyager dans les montagnes sans effort. Pouvez-vous imagine voyager dans les montagnes et les collines sans avoir à monter ou descendre ? Comment réduire l’impact de la gravité, comment rendre des choses lourdes moins lourde, comment escalader sans monter, comment soulever des choses sans engin de levage ? Cela vous paraît impossible? C'est exactement cela, un défi inventif. Les mouflons nous montrent la solution inventive. Elles s’évertuent à garder la même altitude lorsqu'elles broutent sur les pentes des collines. Le ..
Love arrows of Cupid for a snail
There is an expression that goes: “Love arrows of Cupid” Those are piercing the heart of the one who fell in love. Sweet. Deep and romantic. Now lets get to what happens to some species in good old Mother Nature. Snails do exactly  what the saying says. Literally. Here is how it goes: they are darting one another with sharp little spires called gypsobellums. Then after stabbing one another they “dance” slowly and then copulate. It turns out the whole prickling/stabbing thing doesn’t just excite our slimy crawlies, but it stimulates their fertility. How did it come about that way – nobody ..
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Principe inventif n°1 : SEGMENTATION
Utilisez les lois de la nature vivante pour révéler de nouvelles ressources d’innovation. Quelle est la similarité entre les feuilles du sorbier, certains parasites intestinaux et les dents ? Quelque chose peut-il être modulable en restant le même ? Oui, c'est possible : “Diviser pour mieux régner”. Utilisez le principe n°1 SEGMENTATION La segmentation augmente la flexibilité, l’adaptabilité et la fiabilité d’un système. La segmentation consiste à affaiblir les influences entre les éléments, en changeant les paramètres des liens entre eux, à diviser un système en parties in..
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Dragonfly's lesson of caring for the loved one
Dragonflies show that they care. Previously Nature was perceived mostly as one brutal place where you either eat or get eaten. Not so much now! Glimpses of mutual help twinkle here and there. Some creatures don’t do the one night stand and get going after. Some species of dragonflies are like that. When their females go underwater to lay eggs down there, their males wait for them patiently. When females surface they are exhausted and their males help them out. Literally help them to get out of water and then defend from predators and competitors. Here is a glimpse of care and courtship in Moth..