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“Thank you very much for a great course that has catalyzed our thinking and enthralled us during the time with you (which went far too quickly). We would be happy to act as referees for any future prospective group.”

Dr Nick Rich (Professor, Swansea University)

“A good introduction to TRIZ: thought provoking and stimulating” 

Crispian Brailey (Pall Electronics, UK )

“I am going away with new and powerful way of thinking about problem solving. The workshop has given me a good insight and passion to learn more about TRIZ. ” 

Amitsinh Kumpavat (Improvements Engineer, Vitacress Salads} 

“Thank you very much for the great workshop. I enjoyed it a lot. The Biomimetics eld by itself is fantas- tic and in combination with TRIZ it becomes fascinating. I was especially impressed by your work on Biomi- metics and strategic management.” 

Karel Bolkmans (Director Global R&D, Koppert BV, the Netherlands) 

“The course is well structured and had a great combination of theory, workshops and practical examples. The lms shown have helped to back up the training.” 

Professor Jack Bradley (University of Bradford, UK) 

“I attended the last TRIZ session of postgraduate teaching and the students arranged a standing ovation to Olga and Nikolay.” 

Dr. Steve Cayzer The University of Bath, UK 

“Then TRIZ came into existence Olga and Nikolay’s teaching method was totally practical. They demonstrated everything in a practical way by which I could understand everything easily. TRIZ helped me to mold myself as an inventive and innovative person” 

Nathan Kannan  (Postgraduate student at the University of Bath, UK)


I would like to thank teaches from BioTRIZ, Olga and Nikolay Bogatyrev for teaching TRIZ and for making TRIZ assignment to be used for final year design project. It was proved to be exceptionally useful and solved many difficult design problems.” 

Robert Ford (the University of Bath, UK)

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