E-book Biomimetic Management: social and ecological crises: solutions from ants

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"This is a fascinating book, and a real eye-opener. I think Dr. Bogatyreva's research deserves wider recognition. An important work, and endlessly captivating." Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barcker, Biomimcry expert, The book Biomimetic Management is about fundamental principles that drive evolution and development of complex biological systems – from an organism to a society. Through the study of ant societies the authors reveal previously unknown process that gives rise to “Divine Proportion” in all living forms. The mechanism which drives such process - Fundamental Law of Self-Organisation in Life - is described in this book. This is the answer to a terrifically complex question about the main driving force of self-organization in living nature. Taking ideas from biology for sustainable and efficient business management is very appealing. Social systems in living nature give us a direction for immortal existence. The ways that ants manage and survive in social and environmental catastrophes are presented in this book. You will find that ants are creative individuals; they have weekends off, work in teams and can change management styles on demand. And the most amazing discovery presented in this book is that social evolution can happen in two weeks’ time without natural selection. Ants teach us the way to think globally and act locally. A Periodic Table for human management in which all theories of management nicely fall into place crowns the content of this book and puts the first “brick” into building a bridge between people and nature.

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