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Fantastic party outfit!

Fantastic party outfit!

Birds like no other kind of creatures know how to be festive. A Wading bird called ruff (a piper) lives in Northern Eurasia. It has a very elaborate collar, which is individual to each bird. Birds use it to attract females. The name “ruff”  has direct connotation to flamboyant large collar, which was fashionable in Europe in the Middle Ages. Fantastic party outfit! Shame it can’t be changed as they are born with it but it is what it is. If a female bird doesn’t like it: that’s it. No second set of collars and no second chance. And what if THAT kind of collar goes out of fashion? Tough luck! Lets hope those females love the variety and aren’t too picky!
Impress your partner with unique outfit celebrating Valentine’s Day!  

Image: A proud Ruff (Philomachus pugnax) male in breeding plumage. Credit: Pixadeus, bossum




Olga Bogatyreva Posted by Olga Bogatyreva

Dr. O. Bogatyreva is a broadly qualified expert in the fields of creativity, innovation and advanced design, inventive problem solving. Her main interests are creative problem-solving techniques, psychology of invention, and teaching methods for different cultural environments.

Olga runs training courses in creativity, invention and bio-inspired design worldwide, consulting European Space Agency, UK Ministry of Defence and many other large companies. She also developed unique online course on creative problem-solving for industry with the original educational videos initially ordered by the University of Bath (UK).

Being Internationally certified expert in TRIZ (powerful technique for systematic invention process) Olga sold two patents on laboratory equipment, which was designed, manufactured, tested and widely used. 

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