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Castle for the loved one

Castle for the loved one

There is an exotic bird called Hornbill. It lives all over Asia, Africa and Malenesia. It has a funny-shaped beak and a behaviour, which goes with its looks. Funny kind of behaviour. It lays eggs in cavities and crevices of rocks. Then the bird seals it with whatever it can find: mud, fruit mass and… their own poo. It is a strange bouquet that looks and smells slightly iffy no doubt. What’s bizarre is that the female stays inside white it sits on the eggs. There is a tiny hole left in this improvised wall through which the male feeds his female and later the hatched chicks. It gives the female protection from predators and potential competitors too. A bit possessive behaviour from the male but it makes sense in the wild where kindness is a rare commodity and everyone is everyone’s walking lunch. Beautiful or peculiar, we’d love to know your thoughts! Have a great Valentine’s day and leave a comment below!

Olga Bogatyreva Posted by Olga Bogatyreva

Dr. O. Bogatyreva is a broadly qualified expert in the fields of creativity, innovation and advanced design, inventive problem solving. Her main interests are creative problem-solving techniques, psychology of invention, and teaching methods for different cultural environments.

Olga runs training courses in creativity, invention and bio-inspired design worldwide, consulting European Space Agency, UK Ministry of Defence and many other large companies. She also developed unique online course on creative problem-solving for industry with the original educational videos initially ordered by the University of Bath (UK).

Being Internationally certified expert in TRIZ (powerful technique for systematic invention process) Olga sold two patents on laboratory equipment, which was designed, manufactured, tested and widely used. 

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