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Art to to impress the loved one

Art to to impress the loved one

Here is an example of true art in Nature. We can argue day and night about what art is and what the definitions are but general understanding is that it is something more of aesthetic nature than practical. In general terms that is. Something to do with emotion, feeling and love being a king of them all. Or a queen!

Anyway, there is a bird, which builds installations of no practical use, but only for the female to enjoy! It is not a nest, it is not a love-making pad – none of that. It is JUST a present: an equivalent of bouquet of flowers if you like. Amazing! And it gets better: there are traditions that are passed on from one generation of birds to the next one about how to build this art piece. There are personal preferences such as the older birds tend to go for blue color rather than the rainbow splash. The bird is called Ptilonorhynchus viollaceus, and it lives in eastern Australia but that is not as important as what it does to impress the ones it loves.

Be sure to impress too: 12 roses on Valentine's day! Lots of love to you all!    

Olga Bogatyreva Posted by Olga Bogatyreva

Dr. O. Bogatyreva is a broadly qualified expert in the fields of creativity, innovation and advanced design, inventive problem solving. Her main interests are creative problem-solving techniques, psychology of invention, and teaching methods for different cultural environments.

Olga runs training courses in creativity, invention and bio-inspired design worldwide, consulting European Space Agency, UK Ministry of Defence and many other large companies. She also developed unique online course on creative problem-solving for industry with the original educational videos initially ordered by the University of Bath (UK).

Being Internationally certified expert in TRIZ (powerful technique for systematic invention process) Olga sold two patents on laboratory equipment, which was designed, manufactured, tested and widely used. 

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