TRIZ Daily Tips & Tricks

Dear TRIZ and BioTRIZ adepts,

This is a new series of posts about using TRIZ Inventive Principles. It's about daily life, specially cooking. At the end of the series the whole stuff will be published in a collective book. So feel free to comment.

Splendid Cocktails TRIZ Inventive Principles № 26 COPYING and № 33 HOMOGENEITY  Cocktails are much more delightful when they stay cold. You have used ice cubes for that so far. The problem is that ice comes back to water after a while which may affect the taste of the drink. Instead of using ugly plastic ice cubes think about deep-frozen fruit pieces (pineapple, melon…) or even… vegetables (cucumber, carrot…).  And if you don't want to change the taste of your drink – e.g. white or rosé wine – use fruits with a skin (grapes, cherries, berries…), they will not ..
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