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Art to to impress the loved one
Here is an example of true art in Nature. We can argue day and night about what art is and what the definitions are but general understanding is that it is something more of aesthetic nature than practical. In general terms that is. Something to do with emotion, feeling and love being a king of them all. Or a queen! Anyway, there is a bird, which builds installations of no practical use, but only for the female to enjoy! It is not a nest, it is not a love-making pad – none of that. It is JUST a present: an equivalent of bouquet of flowers if you like. Amazing! And it gets better: there..
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How to travel  if the conditions are challening?  In this blog we will discuss what solutions from living nature are available if we want to move fast but all around is shaky and wobbly and nothing to lean  on? Is it possible at all? – Yes, that is possible. The solution was found by monkeys and apes. When branches are too thin they they go UNDER the branches,hang down and swing!  This locomotion is called brachiation: the body of an animal works as a pendulum and the springy branches accelerate the motion as an elastic springboard. Here we see the manifestat..
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Cards for corporate training in creative thinking
While searching for different corporate activity games I found lots of interesting examples of cards but they all like "card of the day" option, it is not possible to play these cards . In fact the task to develop games is not trivial at all. We created the pictures and thought about cards 10 years ago but only now came up with ideas of how to play. Maybe because we realised why people need to play these cards. Providing workshops on inventive problem-solving and especially during in-house training a consultant usually deals with well-educated experts, who are successful in their own domain an..
CHALLENGE 2 How to be adaptable staying the same?
    Why leaves of a rowan-tree, some parasites from guts and ....  teeth are similar?  Because they have similar inventive answer to similar challenge –SEGMENTTION. Segmentation improves the flexibility, adaptability and reliability of a system. Segmentation involves weakening the connections between elements, changing the parameters of links between elements, splitting a system into independent parts, making a system dismountable, or by making a continuous process discrete (breaking a task or activity into smaller parts that are easier to solve or deal wi..
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 Travelling in the mountains without an effort. Can you imagine travelling in the mountains and hills without the need to go up or down? –How to reduce the gravity impact, make heavy things less heavy, climb up without climbing, lifting things without lifting?  Sounds impossible? This is exactly how all inventive challenge look like. Mountain sheep show us the inventive solution. Sheep strive to keep the same altitude when grazing on the slopes of the hills. The result of this behaviour is that all paths of these animals are practically at horizontal position. Mountain sheep us..
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Love arrows of Cupid for a snail
There is an expression that goes: “Love arrows of Cupid” Those are piercing the heart of the one who fell in love. Sweet. Deep and romantic. Now lets get to what happens to some species in good old Mother Nature. Snails do exactly  what the saying says. Literally. Here is how it goes: they are darting one another with sharp little spires called gypsobellums. Then after stabbing one another they “dance” slowly and then copulate. It turns out the whole prickling/stabbing thing doesn’t just excite our slimy crawlies, but it stimulates their fertility. How did it come about that way – nobody ..
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Dragonfly's lesson of caring for the loved one
Dragonflies show that they care. Previously Nature was perceived mostly as one brutal place where you either eat or get eaten. Not so much now! Glimpses of mutual help twinkle here and there. Some creatures don’t do the one night stand and get going after. Some species of dragonflies are like that. When their females go underwater to lay eggs down there, their males wait for them patiently. When females surface they are exhausted and their males help them out. Literally help them to get out of water and then defend from predators and competitors. Here is a glimpse of care and courtship in Moth..