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Dr O.Bogatyreva is an expert in the field of inventive problem solving and bio-inspired design with a background in behaviour and social psychology, biology and complex system theory. Olga holds DSc in Complexity Theory and PhD in Biology. She is also internationally certified TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) expert (MATRIZ). Olga is a Director of consultancy company BioTRIZ Ltd., she also works with University College London, Kings College London, the University of Oxford, Cardiff University, University of Bath and other universities in Europe and Asia. Olga uses her expertise to develop the most efficient methods of teaching creativity and invention. Her favourite subject is sustainable bio-inspired organisational behaviour and group decision-making in which she has more than 100 scientific publications and three books. Olga is keen to see practical applications of her knowledge. She developed a range of tools for sustainable organisational management, which she uses in business coaching and consultancy boosting business efficiency. Her original methods were validated during consultancy in industry in Europe and Japan. 

In the research commissioned  by European Space Agency Olga developed a problem-solving tool for astronauts to use in their long-duration missions to Mars and Moon. Based on her original findings on individual and social behaviour of ants she developed language processing tool - a “problem-sensor” for on-board in space and Mission Control Centre on Earth. This tool allows to reveal the sense even if a massage contains a mixture of languages. This result is ground-breaking – it opens future possibilities to understand the language of nature!  




Dr N. Bogatyrev is broadly qualified scientist working in the field of biomimetics (bio-inspired engineering), biology and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). He is internationally certified TRIZ expert (MATRIZ). Nikolay implements principles from biology into engineering systems. He sold 28 patents and published more than 100 scientific papers. Nikolay has a PhD in Biology, but he is mostly interested in an engineering approach and ecologically sound sustainable architecture and design. His publications are ranging from popular science papers to research articles and books on bio-inspired engineering (biomimetics/bionics), designing a sustainable ecological environment and wild-life conservation.

Nikolay Bogatyrev developed a set of rules for sustainable eco-engineering and published them in his book “Ecological Engineering of Survival”(2000). Nikolay worked  at the University of Bath (Mechanical Engineering Department) for 15 years, employing TRIZ to biomimetic engineering as a tool for systematic knowledge transfer from biology to technology. Now he runs the consultancy company BioTRIZ.Ltd to assist businesses and agencies in new product development, problrm solving and cost reduction.




  JEAN LEPRINCE         

After more than 35 years in international marketing, Jean has got the virus of creativity and innovation by discovering TRIZ, (theory of inventive problem solving), which he started to use frequently in the domain of his speciality. Not an engineer, but ingenious (he is not the only one who says this), a fervent supporter of business networking, he knows the intricacies and uses his long experience to provide the economic actors with the most judicious advice in innovation strategies. Jean not only advises entrepreneurs on innovation, but he is also a good inventor. Jean invented two board games (design registration is in progress) and a special layout for jigsaw puzzles. Having an artistic personality and drawing skills Jean designs all promotional materials for BioTRIZ.

Jean is also a passionate nature and wildlife photographer which explains his interest to designs inspired by living nature (BioTRIZ). Being   an expert in TRIZ techniques, Jean takes in charge most of the translations of BioTRIZ books and films subtitling. In parallel with his involvement in BioTRIZ promotion, Jean also owns and runs the  consulting company ACTE 2, providing SMEs with international management advice and advertising support.

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