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PEGASUS: your guide to breakthrough ideas
DVDs are licensed with public viewing/ performance rights within the confines and premises of Compan..
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BioTRIZ booklet
BioTRIZ Ltd provides bespoke innovation on-demand in engineering, manufacturing, research, d..
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BioTRIZ in Short: Contradiction Matrix and solutions from biology
BioTRIZ Contradiction Matrix is self-growing - one can imbed the specialised parameters and solution..
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Bumblebee habits and habitats
Feel the aroma of flowers on sunny summer days, imagine colourful blooming meadows with flutte..
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Eco-Machine: Biomimetic Park to restore damaged eco-systems
Bogatyrev N.R. BOMBORETUM – A Biodynamic Model Of A Nursery Reserve For Bumblebees. “Int..
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Film 1 Inventive Mind
“Thank you very much for a great course that has catalyzed our thinking and enthralled us during the..
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Human Moon and Mars exploration mission challenges & tools for psychological support
Whiteley I., Bogatyreva O., Johnson C., Wolff M., and Townend M. (2008)  Human Missi..
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Inventive Mind:  Rent video for three days  from our shop or watch  onlne via Gumroad platform
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Inventor's Manual
“A very well presented, practical book, that everybody should have in his pocket as a c..
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INVENTORIUM card games
​ SALE, price 50% reduced! Last 10 boxes left! INVENTORIUM..
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PEGASUS guide to breakthrough ideas: Alphabet for Win-Win Solutions
To learn more about this video please click here.  WATCH IT ONLINE! “The presenter &nbs..
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Seven Stepping Stones: problem solving animation
WATCH IT ONLINE! Also available in French. An inventive challenge never looks trivial a..
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Toolkit for a Space Psychologist: to support astronauts in exploration missions to the Moon and Mars
This book captures the official reports from the European Space Agency (ESA) study, Technologies and..
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Biomimetic postcard
TROIKA - a traditional Russian harness driving combination of three horses abreast. This is the symb..
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Core of a challenge: rent it for three days
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