EARTH DESIGNS - Black and White Books for a Newborn Baby and the Whole Family

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This black and white baby book is part of incredible and innovative series, EARTH DESIGNS in black and white for a NEWBORN, BABY and FAMILY, is based on the current scientific findings on newborns and BABIES’ visual perception and brain development.

The book contains 12 HIGH CONTRAST BLACK AND WHITE beautifully illustrated pictures inspired by nature and human engineering marvels. Pictures help:
•    Improve concentration through stimulating and captivating images.
•    Stimulate further learning and discovery.
•    Create new pathways in the brain through learning to trace visual patterns.
•    Acquire early life skills essential for successful learning and interaction.

Pictures within this book are accompanied by over 30 fascinating facts for the whole family to enjoy!

Your baby will be exposed to a wide range of sciences: mathematics, geometry, biology, astronomy together with history, architecture, cutting-edge engineering and other aspects of our mysterious and fascinating Universe.  
This book and books in the series are designed for the adult and the baby to enjoy together. There are two levels of information presented, facts for the parent and the image for the baby and the parent, to make the most from the time spent together.


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