Bumblebee habits and habitats

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Feel the aroma of flowers on sunny summer days, imagine colourful blooming meadows with fluttering butterflies, darting dragonflies and busy, buzzing, fluffy bumblebees.Immerse in the life of these meadows playing BUZZness card games!

Educational BUZZness card games teach holistic thinking and an understanding of the basic law of ecology: nobody lives alone and everyone contributes to the wealth of the place where they live. Competition and the cooperation of bumblebees and plants work for the benefit of the whole meadow. Children (and adults!) will plan their actions considering trade-offs – interests and connections between bumblebees and plants in the garden.

So, here is the contest – the winner creates the largest eco-garden!

This is a booklet you will find inside the box of BUXXness card games.




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