TRIZ-based algorithm for Biomimetic design

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Conference at ETRIA, in Lisbon, 2012

The article reveals opportunities and obstacles for cross-domain and cross-cultural knowledge transfer. Both interfaces are clearly present in biomimetics (the engineering branch that borrows ideas from biologi- cal field for introducing them into the technology). Biomimetic methodology needs to deal with key differ- ences between domains (biology studies Life, engineering creates machines) and cultures (science de- scribes and models, while engineering prescribes and produces). Due to the complexity of mentioned methodological issues biomimetics still remains case-study-based discipline with no guaranteed success of investments.

Current paper offers the detailed explanation and procedures for biomimetic design. Authors discuss obvi- ous and reveal invisible obstacles for mimicking living systems and the specifics of application of different TRIZ tools in cross-cultural and cross-domain knowledge transfers and present the algorithm for biomimetic engineering based on TRIZ. As a conclusion the list of axioms for biomimetic design is presented and the procedures for biomimetic design based on such axioms are suggested. 

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