TRIZ in Robotic Engineering: Wall Climbing Robot Challenge resolved with PEGASUS algorithm

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Ford R., Bogatyreva O., Iravani P., Bogatyrev N.

TRIZ FUTURE CONFERENCE 2014 - Global Innovation Convention 


This paper presents a case-study that demonstrates how PEGASUS algorithm for inventive design helps even an un-experienced user to come up with an inventive solution. Modifications of classical ARIZ (which was done in PEGASUS) make possible the use of TRIZ by inexperienced beginner or a person who does not have intention to study new technique at all. The simplicity of the step-by-step guide does not sacrifice the main working engine of TRIZ thinking, which is not often explicitly present in publications.

The case-study presents the way of application of PEGASUS procedures to resolve a number of design challenges that appear during the development of vertical smooth wall climbing robot. Absolutely novel approach to climbing smooth vertical surfaces with negative angles and transition to upside-down position is developed. New simple mechanism to transition between vacuum/exhaust sections, which allows speeding up the rate of extraction/replacement to and from suction cups was developed. 

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