Eco-Machine: Biomimetic Park to restore damaged eco-systems

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Bogatyrev N.R. BOMBORETUM – A Biodynamic Model Of A Nursery Reserve For Bumblebees. “International Workshop On Non-Apis Bees And Their Role As Crop Pollinators”, Logan, Utah, USA, !992, p.6. 

Bogatyrev N.R. The living machine. The Journal of Bionic Engineering, 2004, N2, 2004 p. 79-87. 

Economical growth of human civilization often has the negative consequences on natural ecosystems. The area of the intact land with natural landscapes shrinks. The decrease of the bio-diversity reduces the stability of natural ecosystems, which consecutively affects the health and well being of agro-ecosystems. Living Machine concept in engineering is vey attractive for its implementation in a large scale – on the eco-system level. But currently all bio-inspired design is focused mainly on transferring ideas from biology into engineering. But what if we apply the same principle of robotic engineering to ecosystem management? Why not to make an eco-living machine? This paper describes the main principles of biomimetics (designing an engineering device that functions like a living system) and eco-engoneering (designing an eco-system to function as an engineering device). BOMBORETUM is the first eco-machine designed to reproduce and restore damaged natural eco-systems. Authors describe the way it was designed and the main mechanism of its functioning. 


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