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Games that spark interest in science.

Card games BUZZness teach the basic law of ecology: nobody lives alone and everyone
contributes to the wealth of the place where they live. Competition and the cooperation  of bumblebees and plants work for the benefit of the whole meadow. So, here is the contest – the winner creates the largest eco-garden!


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Any ecosystem is flourishing when it is extensive and diverse. To build it, you need a strategy, but  also need to take the chance and be prepared for setbacks. You decide what bumblebees to send to your neighbour and which flowers to sacrifice to the nectar-robber bumblebee in order to be the winner - the owner of the largest eco-garde 

  Hidden Garden.

Nature is full of hidden resources.This time your garden is not visible, you reveal its resource during the game and you will win if you do this quicker than others.


Meadow of Surprises.

World is full of surprises, opportunities come and go. Players compete growing their eco-gardens. The winner is the one
with good memory and lucky cards in their hands.
Snap and Memory games.
Games are ambitious, mind-blowing and entertaining for all – kids and parents!

Buzz with bumblebees and stay full of energy!



A booklet with exciting facts about bumblebees and game rules: 


44 cards of flowers with their Latin and common names

44 cards of bumblebees with their Latin and common names

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