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An unusual investigation. Une enquête insolite
Novel by Jean Leprince  Sylvester, le vieux sage, s'éveillait avec le jour, l'esprit encore ..
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BioTRIZ booklet
BioTRIZ Ltd provides bespoke innovation on-demand in engineering, manufacturing, research, d..
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BioTRIZ Matrice des Contradictions et solutions de la biologie
La Matrice des Contradictions BioTRIZ est l'outil par excellence pour tirer des idées de la nature v..
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Eco-Machine: Biomimetic Park to restore damaged eco-systems
Bogatyrev N.R. BOMBORETUM – A Biodynamic Model Of A Nursery Reserve For Bumblebees. “Int..
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Evolutionary Trends in Biology and Technology: Two Opposites
N.R.Bogatyrev, O.A. Bogatyreva CIRP Design Conference, 30-31 March, Cranf..
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How to innovate?
We are far from the idea of teaching you how to think. You would argue that you are highly edu..
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Inventor's Manual
“A very well presented, practical book, that everybody should have in his pocket as a c..
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INVENTORIUM card games
​ SALE, price 50% reduced! Last 10 boxes left! INVENTORIUM..
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PEGASUS guide to breakthrough ideas: Alphabet for Win-Win Solutions
To learn more about this video please click here.  WATCH IT ONLINE! “The presenter &nbs..
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Robot swarms in an uncertain world:controllable adaptability
Bogatyreva O., Shillerov A. / Robot swarms in an uncertain world: controllable adaptability. p..
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Manuel de l'inventeur
Le "Manuel de l'inventeur" est votre premier pas sur une route longue mais intéressante : apprendre ..
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PEGASUS: powerful tool for innovative thinking
 “Amazing! I have applied videos in my classes: this works fine!” Professor Gláucio Bezerra..
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Reducing our industrial energy requirements – a lesson from biomimetics
Julian F.V. Vincent, Olga Bogatyreva, Nikolaj Bogatyrev, Anja-Karina Pahl and Adrian Bowyer Ce..
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How Bio TRIZ analysed and boosted e-shopping strategy in China
Currently Internet is playing a key role in developing of new business strategies in several i..
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BioTRIZ and Permaculture Methodologies for Cross-Pollination
Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) was developed due to analysis and mostly for dealin..
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